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CADデザイナーは複数のデザインソフトを使いながら、デザインを発展させていきます。様々な有効手段や機能を駆使し、TYPE3 Gatewayを使って CATIA®にインポートすることは簡単です。これまでCATIA®ではできなかったPDF、EPS、AIデータにCATpart内でコピー&ペイストすることができます。




TYPE3 ではベクトルを呼び出しノーズエディタを使用して編集が可能。準備ができたらCATIA®にコピー&ペイストします。

TYPE3-CAA Gatewayのコピー&ペイスト


Gateway Copy/Paste CATIA ®
• Works back & forth : from TYPE3’s products to CATIA and/or from CATIA to TYPE3’s products.
• Any line, arc, spline, curves, texts, surfaces can be used.
• No need to save as a file, just click on copy icon and paste icons. It is the clipboard copy/paste command.
• Size & Position of the elements (curves/surfaces) are kept in both applications.
• No Distortion on Curves: same properties kept, no segmentation, no additional points.
• Absolutely Fast & Reliable
All copied items are represented in the Parametric Tree as imported elements.



What TYPE3-CAA Users say?

“When we introduced TYPE3-CAA in our PLM projects we immediately saw our design time going down drastically. The add-on is perfectly implemented in CATIA® environment and comes with a dedicated tool bar, you really think this was done in CATIA® and it works like CATIA®. Our files also show smaller size than the previous “solution” and has been probably the best thing that happenned to our Engineering team since we bought CATIA®.”
Ivan G. Schmidt

Mechanical Engineer on CATIA®, Gullyvert, Berlin, Germany

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