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TYPE3-CAA Features Presentation

Four Main Modules to integrate text and logo on any shape made in CATIA® V5 & 3DEXPERIENCE

Discover the Features of TYPE3-CAA add-on to CATIA® V5 & 3DEXPERIENCE from the following icons below. From text creation to Projection and Raster to Vector computations, TYPE3-CAA offers powerful tools of creation never offered to Users in needs of identification and brand recognition from the design to production.


Faster than DXF

TYPE3-CAA is the ultimate solution to create text 100% parametric in the CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE environments. It is faster than using the DXF process. It is fully integrated in the CAA and 3DE platforms and can also be used in “Code Served” environments.


Integrated in CATIA®


Code Served