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Text in CATIA® Made Easy

Professional tools for text creation, font management, symbols & serial numbers integration in CATIA® files

Text Creation in CATIA® has never been so easy. You can forget about the DXF work around or any other student macro. With TYPE3-CAA build 3D texts completely parametric and associative.

TYPE3-CAA brings first a complete module entirely dedicated to text creation. It then can recognize True Type Fonts & Stroke Line types for all your traceability and marking needs within your CATparts. Finally all text features are parametric and re-editable through the CATIA® construction tree.


Apply OTF & TTF Windows Fonts

Any Fonts coming with Windows or installed by user or from CATIA® are directly integrated in TYPE3-CAA and available for PAD, Projection and Mapping.

Text Creation in CATIA V5

TYPE3-CAA Text mode

TYPE3-CAA and its Text mode gathers all the settings expected to build text from fonts respecting their height, width, kerning, with the capability to apply multi lines as well as multi supports referenced.


Stroke Line Fonts Created by Gravotech Software

Our Add-on to CATIA® comes with 13 Stroke Line Fonts free of use particularly used for Engravings purposes in Machining Operations such as Curve following, Multi Axis, Curve Machining.

Text can be placed on multi supports precisely
It can be positioned within Paragraphs anywhere
It can also be directly machined in CATIA® Machining

Fast & easy text creation in CATIA ®


• Professional tools for text creation, font management, symbols & serial numbers integration,
• Text along a curve, along an arc, from a box,
• Multi-line texts,
• Text on multi-supports,
• True Type Fonts and single line fonts (Stroke lines),
• Mirror text for mold makers, kerning controls,
• G1 compatibility,
• Creation of macros using any text features,
• Library of customized symbols.


All text features are parametric and re-editable through CATIA® construction tree.

Texts Created with TYPE3-CAA

Applications made with TYPE3-CAA

“Our activity is about blowing line machines for Pet plastic bottles. The implementation of TYPE3-CAA helped us to integrate the engraving at the design stage, making this of this software a complete part of the product cycle management within our organization. Optimization of CATIA® functionalities thanks to the Graphic & Wrap package integration has allowed us wrapping text and logos on surfaces, place text on curves and have pure controls of special characters generations… directly into CATIA® ! Besides this we minimize risk errors by using the Gateway Package for a perfect communication between CATIA® and the other products offered by Gravotech.”

Sidel France
Mold Industry

Test TYPE3-CAA add-on for Advanced Text mode in CATIA®

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