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TYPE3-CAA, Identification text marking solutions for all players in the Transport & Mobility value chain

Enhanced the capabilities of CATIA® with add-ons

Today’s 3D CAD modeling of transportation products and systems, such as cars, trucks or trains, requires complete representation of parts and assemblies to meet customer requirements, optimize performance and comply with strict safety standards. Engraving identification and 3D text marking of these parts are an integral part of CATIA’s prerequisites.

Integrate your texts & logos into all your 3D models.

Take the tour with our text and wrap creation solution in CATIA V5 & 3DEXPERIENCE.

TYPE3-CAA enables players in the transportation and mobility sectors to integrate their texts and logos at a very early stage in their development, directly into the 3D CAD model: the front panel of the dashboard, indications in the passenger compartment or technical parts requiring traceability, and so on. You only have to look at a wheel to understand the importance of marking: traceability and elegance.

Our solutions for Transport & Mobility

Our solution to your sharing lettering or marking information.​

3D text creation


Projection / Wrapping tools

Share your text, engraving and 3D marking information with your partners or teams directly in PartDesign

Eliminate barriers between internal or external teams, work and share in all transparency all the 3D digital models that already integrate text, engravings and markings. In 2D on front panels of dashboard or in 3D on complex parts. Our 3D Text in CATIA, parametric and associative solution is fully integrated in the CATIA V5 & 3DEXPERIENCE environment.

Optimize all your 3D Designs by integrating all the information

Model your 3D objects from a functional point of view, as well as from an informal or normative point of view, right from the start of the process, and for all simple or complex objects. Model ALL the text on a vehicle’s signage, the engravings on technical elements such as the dashboard, or the markings on the sidewall of a tire. Our 3D text solution in CATIA, parametric and associative, is fully integrated into the CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE environment.

Traceability and identification are at the heart of all your vehicle developments.

The development of all vehicles must integrate the notion of traceability at a very early stage in the design process. This regulatory requirement implies being able to trace every stage in the product’s life: design, manufacture, use, repair and finally the recycling of a part. Engravings and markings are used to identify parts and components, as well as to indicate manufacturing and end-of-life dates, serial numbers and technical specifications.

These techniques guarantee the quality and safety of parts and components, ensuring complete traceability of their manufacture, use and end-of-life treatment.

All your traceability can now be modeled with our add-on integrated into CATIA for improved part identification and tracking.

Our 3D text solution in CATIA, parametric and associative, is fully integrated into the CATIA V5 and 3DEXPERIENCE environment, respecting product lifecycle management.

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In this short video text is being applied directly on a curve.

In this video a text can be built directly from an arc.

In this video a text can be redefined by respecting the G1 properties.

In this video the management of a Design Table is demonstrated.

In this video multi line of texts are demonstrated.

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