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Projection & Mapping in CATIA®

Professional Mapping Tools allowing to Project and Wrap text creations in CATIA® files

Text Creation in CATIA® has never been so easy. Indeed with perfectly dedicated tools to type texts and to position them accurately thanks to object references. It has never been as perfectly executed than with TYPE3-CAA. Text & logo are directly mapped on surface and CATIA® tools can  recompute any desired alteration like for any CATParts construction and features based.

Project & Wrap Vertexes in CATIA®

With 30 years of engraving expertise, TYPE3 continues to develop a wide range of  features capable of projecting text or logo onto various surface types, including cylinders, cones, toroids, as well as randow distributions or topographies. TYPE3-CAA delivers impressive results specifically tailored for the Mold & Die industries and provides to their leaders the appropriate tools to respect dimensions, overall look, and the Product Life Management as a whole.

Text Projected CATIA

Projections of Texts & Logos

Text & logos can be projected on any surface thanks to dedicated tools.

Text Mapping CATIA

Mappings of Texts & Logos

TYPE3-CAA mapping tools allow text creation on 3D surfaces.

Pad Pocket CATIA Tire

Pad & Pocket creations in 3D

Text and curves generated are directly used with CATIA® tools.

Fast & easy text creation in CATIA ®

All text features are parametric and re-editable through CATIA® construction tree.

The TYPE3-CAA Add-on to CATIA® comes with a multitude of typographical tools. They individually allow Designers to perfectly execute sketches and given dimensions to prepare for production. No longer the Engraving of logo or text is left behind as an additional task. Identifications as a whole can be included from the really first step of the design process, leaving less room to random aleas inherent to product design.

Professional tools for text creation,

font management, symbols & serial numbers integration

Text along a curve, along an arc, from a box

Multi-line texts


Text on multi-supports

True Type Fonts and single line fonts (Stroke lines)

Mirror text for mold makers, kerning controls

G1 continuity

Library of customized symbols

Texts created with TYPE3-CAA

Several videos are made available between the applications and the industries demonstrated throughout the website and our social medias. If you don’t find a specific please contact us so we can forward you the information you are after.


“Our activity is about blowing lines and machines and Pet plastic bottles. The implementation of TYPE3-CAA helps us to integrate the engraving at the design stage, making this application part of the product cycle. Optimization of CATIA® functionalities thanks to Graphic & Wrap package integration allowing wrapping on surfaces, text on curves… directly into CATIA® ! Besides, we minimize risk errors by using the Gateway Package for perfect communication between CATIA® and TYPE3.”

Sidel France
Mold & Packaging Industry

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