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Raster to Vector Conversion in CATIA®

Vectorize any picture format into Bezier Curves directly within CATIA®

Fully integrated the import of raster files and their retrieval as vertex allows to bring logos or any characters as TYPE EDIT does.
With TYPE3-CAA build-in Vectorization tools it is fast and easy to bring logo or any identification.

Among the numerous Add-on to CATIA®, TYPE3-CAA is the only one allowing quickly Symbol and Logo creations directly into CATParts.

Including with the Graphic Package, the Vectorization tool brings images directly in the General User Interface and accordingly build vertexes that can be used in the parts. Thanks to its Raster to Vector conversion tools in CATIA® V5 & 3DEXPERIENCE, TYPE3-CAA provides an incredible ease to integrate new graphic elements, either for identification, or for ornamental purposes. Below is summarized the process of importation then of detection and later application on the surface of a CATPart. Although the process shows 3 pictures major steps, the vector to raster tool gathers a wider range of settings as shown below.

Images (BMP, PNG, JPG…)

Import any image format in CATIA®


Retrieve the curves according to their color(s)

Extrusion (PAD, POCKET…)

Once vectorized apply modification using CATIA® tools.

With TYPE3-CAA’s vectorization tools, Designers can bring logos and special characters directly in their version of CATIA®.

• BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG direct imports in CATIA V5 / 3DEXPERIENCE,
• Simple and quick vectorization with dedicated parameters: allowance, noise filtering, smoothing, sensibility…
• Vectorization enable from black & white pictures or from color pictures, thanks to its color detection modes.


All extracted curves are usable through CATIA® tools and construction tree responsive.

• TYPE3-CAA generates vertex recognized by CATIA® V5 or 3DEXPERIENCE, thanks to its auto-convertion tool,
• Continuously updated to follow the evolution of CATIA® platforms in V5 and 3DX,
• 100% parametric and associated with CATIA® tools recomputations are fully possible.



CATIA® Vertexes Created with TYPE3-CAA Add-on

Vectorized logos and special characters applied by using TYPE3-CAA add-on

What TYPE3-CAA Users say?

TYPE3-CAA is developed within the CAA and 3DE API systems, which guaranteed us to build new macro incorporating the text attributes in any location within our CATParts. It could not come better than that for an add-on as we can implement the same macron in any of our subdivision whatever the language or the version of CATIA® used.”

Benjamin DeLanoe

CATIA® Software Macro Developments, Solidvert, Canada

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