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The release V5-6R2022 or 3DEXPERIENCE 2022X and Upper need new FlexNet Publisher and license file version

The release V5-6R2022 or 3DEXPERIENCE 2022X and Upper are coming with new version of Flexnet Publisher V11.18. So, You need to have a new license file and use with the new version of Flexnet Publisher.

You can download Flexnet Publisher V11.18 from the link below. It is also by default in the media of release V5-6R2022 or 3DEXPERIENCE 2022X and Upper.

This new version of FlexNet Publisher will allow you to use the latest version of Windows Server and Redistribuable visual C++ ensuring increased security for your applications.

IMPORTANT : This new license V3.0 and new version of FlexNet will be compatible with all our previous TYPE3-CAA master. It means you can still run V5-6R2018 or 3DEXPERIENCE 2018X for instance.

IMPORTANT : This new license cannot run with the previous version of FlexNet Publisher V11.08. Therefor you MUST stop the old service and start setup with new version as describe in the document or video.

Read document here


Flexnet Publisher V11.18

Nodelock Installation


  1. 1_ Unzip the media you have downloaded
  2. 2_Run Lmtools.exe to extract HostId.
  3. 3_Send the file to TYPE3-CAA’s team, you will receive a license file back
  4. 4_Install the Add-on TYPE3-CAA as Administrator
  5. 5_Run Catia and open a CatPart
  6. 6_License installation

Please refer this video that is also published on YouTube

Please refer this video that is also published on YouTube

Server Installation


Server Side:

  1. 1_Copy the FlexLm folder
  2. 2_Run Lmtools.exe for extracting HostId
  3. 3_Send the HostID file to TYPE3-CAA’s team
  4. 4_With the license received ,set up FlexLm licensing management
  5. 5_Configure the service for licensing management
  6. 6_Start the Server

Station Side:

  1. 1_Addon installation. Run Setup.exe as Administrator
  2. 2_Run CATIA with our environment
  3. 3_Give the server name
  4. 4_Check that license is in use