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Projection & Mapping in CATIA®

Project / Map any text & logo on any surface

 Strong of its 30 years of expertise in engraving TYPE3 developed many applications able to project text but also logos on any type of surfaces including Cylinder, Cone and Torus. TYPE3-CAA reaches impressive results for the Mold & Die industries.


Projections of Texts & Logos

Text & logos can be projected on any surface.

Mappings of Texts & Logos

TYPE3-CAA mapping tools allow text creation on 3D surfaces.

Pad & Pocket creations in 3D

Text and curves generated are directly used with CATIA tools.

TYPE3 has developped for various industries many software applications. From the tyre to the engines in the Automotive industries, text and logos are now proeminent thanks to powerful algorithms abling the ease of text addition anywhere Engineers need them.

Fast & easy text creation in CATIA ®
• Professional tools for text creation, font management, symbols & serial numbers integration,
• Text along a curve, along an arc, from a box,
• Multi-line texts,
• Text on multi-supports,
• True Type Fonts and single line fonts (Stroke lines),
• Mirror text for mold makers, kerning controls,
• G1 compatibility,
• Creation of macros using any text features,
• Library of customized symbols.
All text features are parametric and re-editable through CATIA® construction tree.

Mappings & Projections
Created with TYPE3-CAA in CATIA®

Various Texts & Logos mapped within TYPE3-CAA

“Our activity is about blowing lines and machines and Pet plastic bottles. The implementation of TYPE3-CAA helps us to integrate the engraving at the design stage, making this application part of the product cycle. Optimization of CATIA® functionalities thanks to Graphic & Wrap package integration allowing wrapping on surfaces, text on curves… directly into CATIA® ! Besides, we minimize risk errors by using the Gateway Package for perfect communication between CATIA® and TYPE3.”

Sidel France
Mold Industry

Check TYPE3-CAA add-on for Advanced Text mode in CATIA®

Try TYPE3-CAA for 30 days and discover how text and logo can be simply added to your CATparts.