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TYPE3-CAA Trial Process

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Step by step


If you have not downloaded your TYPE3-CAA version for your CATIA installation, now is a good time by clicking on the button on the right.


Install TYPE3-CAA on your computer. Please keep the default paths for this installation under your C: local drive.      C:\\TY3ToCATIA_WIN64\\B30


Locate under C:\\TY3ToCATIA_WIN64\\B30\\FlexNet\\64bit version the lmtools.exe file and execute it as an administrator.


A window opens, go to the 2nd Tab named “System Settings”, then click on the “Save HOSTID into a file” button. This will save a data file that can be emailed, just make sure to give a path easy to find such as the Desktop.


Once your HOSTID has been generated on your Desktop, reply to the email you received right after you downloaded TYPE3-CAA by adding your HOSTID to it. If you have not received an email from your TYPE3-CAA Representative then send your HOSTID and information to support@type3-caa.com. Your license will be sent to you with further information.